Restoring the Fundamental Principals Written and Unwritten to Attain Balance, Health and Peace.

Starting at the turn of the 20th century the world’s food source became heavily infiltrated by companies with one objective in mind, profits.  These profits came at the expense of human health. Artificial Food additives such as Saccharin and caffeine were heavily introduced into our everyday diets.  Soon after, the regulation of the meat industry and other food industries were controlled by large corporations who were able to bypass the law by paying off politicians and essentially controlling the laws that govern our food sources.

Restore Organic LawThis abomination of our food industry ignited a small shift toward organic farming known as the organic movement. For a long time, the organic movement remained small as the control of media and advertising promoted products derived from artificial, chemical ingredients.  Microwave dinners became a fade, as did sugar-coated cereal for kids. It has become a burden just to stay healthy.

In recent years, the organic movement has taken a strong stance throughout the world.  More and more products and brands or turning toward offering organic products made from organic ingredients.  The USDA developed a stamp of approval for products listed as organic.  This symbol can be more and more readily noticed in supermarkets throughout the United States.

Europe has taken a strong stance on genetically modified foods and the governments of the EU have promoted organic farming techniques.

This general awareness of organic farming practices and eating healthier has opened a new general awareness to the importance of plants for human health.  More people are finding natural herbal supplements to be an alternative to promote health over synthetically derived pharmaceuticals.

Over the past 30-40 years, the awareness and use of medicinal herbs have increased dramatically.  There are herbs that have been used for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicine throughout the Middle East and Asia there were not even mentioned in the west until recently.

Herbs such as Turmeric, Tulsi (holy basil), Ginger, Mucuna pruriens, Cissus quadrangularis and Brahmi have been slowly introduced and have gained in popularity.

Herbal companies large and small have helped make these herbs readily available for general everyday use.  

The low levels of regulation of the herbal supplement industry have kept some skeptical about the health benefits of herbal supplements.  Finding trustworthy herbal companies who ethically source their herbs and put their products through certified testing has become an important topic in the health and wellness industry.

As more humans spread the awareness of the need for humans to be more connected with plants and nature, and not reliant on artificial, genetically modified foods we will find an honest truth in our relationship with Mother Earth.

There is hope for a better tomorrow with healthy humans eating healthy foods.

In fact, there are obvious hints in our society that this shift needs to happen.  More kids are developing allergies and intolerances to foods such as wheat and peanuts.  These two foods, in particular, have been heavily intoxicated by pesticides and genetically modified over the years.

It is hints like these that our society should become aware of and not just look for the cure, but look at the cause.  It is apparent that a shift in the way we farm our foods must change.  It is also apparent that a shift in the way our politicians are persuaded by big money corporations must change.

The intentions of food regulations should be for the good of the people and not for profit mongering corporations. Subsidies should be handed to the farmers who provide real nourishment to our society and not those that provide high fructose corn that is poison.

When human health is elevated so can be our intelligence and conscientious.  When our bodies are in a harmonious balance with nature we can live together in harmony.  There will be no need for greed, war, and big profits.  Humans will share and live with the intention of treating our Earth and others around them with respect and appreciation.